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Team Building Activities

Need corporate or family team building activities? We’re the best choice!

Events Management

Corporate Events, Birthdays, Wedding Ceremonies or just a Get-together. We handle it perfectly!

Capture Solutions


Memories and portraits are the best when captured rightly, let us help you capture the best moment! 

How Do We Help!

Our motive is to cheer everyone up!  We’re a team of expert team builders, event organizers and photographers. Our journey started when we were still at school, handling school events, organizing teams, managing rostrum & podium and much more. Our passion for events, team building and photography lead us to start ” Cheerite” A full fledge bonds building , events management & capture management company . We help companies build stronger teams. Our corporate team buildings activities are specially designed to increase workplace efficiency and employee engagement.

Corporate & Family Team Building
Events Management
Photography & Videography

Why is team building so important?

Effective team building events have massive benefits including optimal team performance and increased employee productivity. At Cheerite we challenge the norms of team building activities as our focus is to build on valuable team skills such as communication, problem solving, time management and collaboration. In essence we work as your partners to improve workplace culture and boost team productivity. After all, an engaged team is the top productive team. 

Outdoor Team Building
Indoor Team Building
Family bond building

Events Management

Our events management process is professional, we conceive your requirements, make & access plans and finally bring your events to life by deploying our expert project management team that delivers a series of well thought out plans and tasks.

Corporate Events
Family Events
Social Events

Capture Solutions (Photography & Videography)

Whether its portraits, events or products photography, we do it all. We capture your memories for you in the form of pictures and videos. Our expert team makes sure that every moment is captured well. 

We Deliver Excellent Services.

How are we different?


Our journey started long ago, we started handling events and managing and engaging teams while we were still at school, so team building is in our blood.


We don't things just for the sake of doing it, we are really passionate about what we do, it helps us be more engaged thus more productive.

Core strength

Our strength is our team, every member of our team is carefully selected, they love what they do and bring decades of experience to you

Engaged teams are performing teams !

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